9 weeks_it's like 9 years though

3:10:00 PM

And it's been 9 weeks I'm here, in Cardiff. Learnt many new things here and still struggling with the new environment of course. The experience itself taught me to how be more confidence with myself and improve my 'ke berdikarian' haha.
Oh look, the sky is so blue!
I'm so happy if that day is sunny because lately (in winter especially) it's like raining all the time + with the harsh wind yang buat tudung bawal I penyekk. Btw, tak boleh trust sangat if sunny macam ni sebab hujan sesuka hati dia je nak turun bila. So since its weekend, I went to the city with Lina, my housemate and got so many things to but. (Oh no, I need to save my money though).

It takes about 20 minutes walk to the city and kat sini tak pernah lagi naik bus pergi mana-mana. Oh btw, this picture is taken kat arcade mana entah aku sendiri tak ingat sebab there are so many arcades at the city. Arcade is like lelorong and kat situ ada banyak kedai2 antique, kedai barang mengarut, restaurant and etc lah. 

And finally we treat ourselves with TEH TARIK and ROTI CANAI(which is called chappati at this cafe). And the teh tarik perrghh kaww macam dekat Malaysia and btw, this cafe (Gina's Cafe) is not owned by Malaysia though. Tapi lantak lah kan asalkan tekak ni dibasahi teh tarik di mana kalau buat sendiri memang tak jadi *sigh. 

nahh..roti canai with cheese. dap3. 

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